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OPTiMO-ECCO JV was created for one purpose: to merge the considerable technical capabilities of two, highly capable small businesses into one end-to-end solution clearinghouse with strong synergies for our federal clients. Combined, we deliver secure, comprehensive, and cutting-edge solutions, incredible breadth of skilled talent with best-in-class support and value for any size operation.

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Our Capabilities


  • User Experience
  • User-Centered Design
  • Web Development
  • Sustainment (O&M)


  • Modernization/Optimization
  • Hosting
  • Implementation
  • Transformation
  • Migration


  • Visualization/Business
  • Intelligence Analytics
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • Management/Governance
  • Analytics & Visualization
  • Warehouse Operations


  • Modernization
  • Business Process Automation & Enhancement
  • Application Development
  • API Development
  • Agile & DevSecOps


  • Research & Development
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Design Concepts
  • Pilots/MVP


  • Service Desk
  • Cloud and Infrastructure Support
  • Application/Database
  • ITIL
  • Audit & Accreditation Services
  • Regulatory Standard Compliance
  • Network & Information Security


  • Permanent/Direct Hire
  • Contract
  • Contract-to-Hire
  • Key Personnel
  • Surge

OPTiMO-ECCO is equipped to not only recruit and staff resources for your specific solution and project needs but also support them throughout their engagement. Through the duration of their contract, a dedicated team at OPTiMO ECCO will be allocated to this support function, helping to boost project satisfaction and consultant retention. The team also works to develop these resources and provide growth opportunities.

Federal Customers

What We Do

What We Offer

  • A digital team that helps organizations redefine their customers' experiences
  • Exceptional stakeholder involvement to extract vision from customers
  • Demonstrated 27-year success across the Federal and Commercial sectors
  • An Agile approach with modern delivery methodologies
  • Partnerships with both AWS and Azure, allowing us to recommend platform-agnostic solutions
  • A mature approach to program management as reflected in our federal ID/IQ contracts
  • DevOps and CI/CD to deliver the highest quality products

United States Department of Agriculture


The USDA's DISC manages an enterprise data center as a federally-owned cloud services provider, offering agencies enterprise-class infrastructures built from the ground up with market-leading technologies. Our team has delivered a full range of IT services to support the USDA's OCIO via DISC, helping process over 80,000 tickets annually. Our delivery of IT Services, including automation, workflow efficiencies, and process improvements, has saved DISC approximately 1,500 labor hours per year.

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Department of Homeland Security


OPTiMO is providing critical data analytics, business automation, and software and infrastructure development in support of DHS CISA and ICE's agency-wide budget transformation processes. Bringing together key stakeholders from all functional areas that touch their budget processes, we have built the collection systems, conducted in-depth analysis, and helped model agency-wide financial data to support budget forecasting and decision making. With CISA, OPTiMO built and deployed the agency's first-ever Budget Formulation Portal, an SQL database built on an Azure platform, using Power Apps as the powerhouse for data transactions.

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US Postal Service

Informed Delivery | USPS Mobile

OPTiMO was contracted by the USPS to develop a mission-critical, highly-visible, public-facing web application and email service called Informed Delivery to reach 26 million users a day. Using Agile to plan, design, and build, OPTiMO performed the end-to-end system development and integration of this highly complex effort. OPTiMO designed a custom UX that fit that integrates with USPS's legacy systems, including the customer registration, engineering and mail processing , email infrastructure, and reporting systems, and security layers. OPTiMO designed and implemented the database using Oracle 11G and developed server-side Java components to process the millions of mail images and assemble and send large volumes of emails. Informed Delivery now processes 2 TB of data daily.

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Success Stories

The OPTiMO-developed Informed Delivery website is now the most-used website in the federal government, according to
Since 2011, ECCO Select has operated the Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Order Receipt System (FFAVORS) program, which allows schools to use their USDA Foods entitlement dollars to buy fresh produce while leveraging the DoD's purchasing power. FFAVORS has more than 12,000 users at over 40,000 various locations and processes over $275 million in orders annually. Schools receive more than $100 million worth of produce each year.
OPTiMO created Address Mapping Directory, the first fraud detection system for the USPS. On track to integrate over 100 million rows of data by the end of 2020 from the initial 20 million rows as of document publication, OPTiMO's first implemented improvements are yielding an accuracy rate of over 88%.
Since 2018, ECCO Select has delivered a full range of IT services to support the USDA's OCIO via DISC's Infrastructure Operations Division (IOD), helping process over 80,000 tickets annually with a resolution SLA of over 98.5% for all tickets.